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Guard your baked goods!

  We do, however, get our fair share of interesting crimes in Oklahoma, and a recent one took the cake … er, cookies. Michelle Stephens, 27, faces first-degree burglary and petty larceny charges after breaking into an Oklahoma City home. The homeowner, a woman named Kelly, discovered Stephens as she walked into the kitchen at

Womb with a view

After much fanfare, Wayne Coyne’s artistic brain child, Womb Gallery, a “psychedelic art gallery” located at 25 N.W. Ninth, was shut down by The Man over a year ago for various code violations. Not that they were all that surprised. “It was closed due to lack of proper coding. That would be the best way

New Zoo revue

3Horse Productions’ Michelle Colbert and Zoo Amp manager Russ Garrett Photo: Mark Hancock Michelle Colbert, president of 3Horse Productions, the new leaseholders, not only wants to allay those fears, but tout all the work that’s been done to make the venue bigger and better than ever. “We’ve done all kinds of great things out here.

Hopper: A Journey into the American Dream — Tom Folsom

Folsom traces the life of Dennis Hopper through its four distinct phrases: Kansas farm boy, Method actor/James Dean worshipper, pharmaceutical madman, comeback kid. That he had a fourth at all continues to amaze me, especially after reading all the details. The kinder, gentler Hopper was hardly one to shy away from admitting his battles with

Resident Evil: Retribution

After an exposition-filled prologue in which our heroine, Alice (Milla Jovovich, Dirty Girl), faces the audience to relay the events of the first four flicks, Retribution goes straight into a shameless rip-off of the much-lauded beginning of 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. This is far from the film’s only act of cribbing; look for direct

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