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Knights of Malice

While “Knights of Malice” is not the best effort from local director Mickey Reece and his version of the Mercury Theatre players, it carries the most distinctive opening: that of the “Star Wars” crawl. Turns out, there’s a reason for the Jedi-rific reference, but I leave that for audiences to discover when the film debuts


Rex Linn, actor (TV’s “CSI: Miami”)If they don’t give the Academy Award to [Best Actress nominee] Viola Davis for “The Help,” they should not give that award out. She was phenomenal. If any young actor asks me what’s the best thing they could see other than an acting class, I would tell them to see

From tusk till brawn

Somewhere on your Google machines, you can find a Top 10 list of the best arm-wrestling movies of all time. Perched at No. 4 is “Over the Top,” Sylvester Stallone’s 1987 flop opus about the sport. And the other nine spots are completely blank. I’d like to think that even if the chart weren’t a

Hat trick

After delivering a one-two punch with “The Seducers Club” and “Stay Low” in the spring with City Arts Center, local filmmaker Mickey Reece returns with a third: “Punch Cowboy.” The feature debuts Saturday night, with The Workweek’s Carly Gwin performing beforehand as a musical guest. While Reece’s movies jump from genre to genre — sometimes

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