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Community demands governor action over boy’s death

The teenager, born with Chromosome 9 Ring disease, was unable to care for himself and required help with tasks as easy as lifting a fork to his mouth. He died Jan. 4, 2013, at Children’s Hospital from pneumonia complications, according to the state medical examiner. But the youngster’s sister, Valerie Wood-Harber, contends he died from

Last call for frightful fun

It’s not too late to deck out for Halloween, or too early to start gathering Christmas decorations. BY GAZETTE STAFF October is almost over, as are these frightful, fun events. catch ’em while you still can. haunt the river 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday, 1-5 p.m. Sunday Boathouse District 725 S. Lincoln Blvd. oklahomariverevents.org/haunt-the-river 552-4040 $25-$35

Funny business

Comedian Jay Mohr recently used his popular podcast, Mohr Stories, to call Brian Regan the funniest comedian in America. That was news to Regan. “I didn’t realize he said that, but I’m quite honored. That means a lot to me,” him said. “Compliments are always fun, but when they come from people who do what

The Typist — Midwestern High Life

It gets sprayed all over the place, in fact. Matt Moran’s desperate punk hollers; his messy, confessional-to-the-occasional-point-of-embarrassing lyrics; his band’s well-coordinated, super-loud melodic rock arrangements all sound so much like a release, at times vindicating, at others reaching for (and grasping) the anthemic. Every song on the sardonically titled Midwestern High Life, is a rock

Stop the hate!

The magazine surveyed 310 individuals across the nation asking for their reactions to 50 of the largest metropolitan regions. According to the story, out of all respondents, Oklahoma City ranked fourth in negative reactions, above only Cleveland; Birmingham, Ala.; and Detroit. Frickin’ Detroit.  The only bright spot comes from respondents in the Midwest, which ranked

Smag 7: Matters of taste

Campus Corner Breakfast Deli 6240 S.E. 15th, Midwest City 737-3388In searching for the best for its customers, this Midwest City deli decided to expand recently and now stays open from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Among its good values are the most-requested chicken salad sandwich, along with other cafe sandwiches and a good chicken tortilla

Freeze, please

And what do you want when it’s triple-digits? Why, “fro-yo,” of course. If you’re in Midwest City, a popular place for live culture, nonfat frozen yogurt is Pink Swirls in the Town Center Plaza strip mall on the north side of Interstate 40. Live culture yogurt is touted as fixing about everything that ails you,

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