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Album review: Horse Thief – Fear in Bliss

Listening to Horse Thief’s previous release — the haphazardly melodramatic Grow Deep, Grow Wild — felt like a chore. Whatever potential the Oklahoma City folk-pop act demonstrated on the EP was obscured behind a formulaic, contrived and ultimately hollow cloud. But it at least offered a glimmer of promise for a band consisting of, frankly,

All Hallows’ Eve / Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear

Like many a great ‘ween tale, the dirt-cheap All Hallows’ Eve opens with a babysitter and her young charges, one of whom got a little something extra dropped into his sack of candy: an unlabeled VHS tape. Because the household still has a VHS player, the sitter (Katie Maguire) is able to view the cassette’s

Oklahoma’s public defenders

I remember when public airwaves were made available for public good, to inform us about what was going on in the world, not to tell us what we were supposed to think about it. The celebrity culture of broadcasting has changed this, combing news and editorial comment (My Two Cents, et al.), along with the

Music Made Me: Mike Hosty

Photo: Mark Hancock Leon Redbone, Double Time (1977)  I stayed up late and watched Saturday Night Live and saw Leon Redbone sing “Ain’t Misbehavin’.” At first, I thought it was a joke, but there was something about the song and the delivery. His finger-style playing technique led me to discover Blind Blake, Jimmie Rodgers and

The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue

Co-directors/co-writers/co-producers Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy also co-star as the Mugg brothers, slackers who run the crappy abode where a mole man (Justin DiGiacomo) lurks the halls for dogs and cats to consume, before moving up the food chain to humans. Any ingenuity begins and ends with the title; Bradecich and LaFlamboy mug(g) their way

Talk about scandalous!

Credit: Brad Gregg  But TMRO’s coverage of OKC mayoral candidate Ed Shadid’s campaign kickoff was breathlessly cantankerous. In a post attributed to “staff,” a story several weeks ago noted how “details have emerged from Shadid’s rally that depict perhaps the most left-of-center political event in Oklahoma City mayoral history and portend an interesting campaign ahead.”

Saloony tunes

Photo: Mark Hancock “It’s still one of the best rooms around to see a band because you have the balcony and the dance floor,” said Keeton, a veteran blues rocker who first played the music venue in the mid-1990s. “It’s a great bar. No place else combines that divey-ness with the ability to pull off

High Society

Greg Simkins When Jerrod Smith opened The Society’s doors two years ago, the Plaza District venue was meant to be a community-driven art space that would also function as a studio for himself and a couple of other artists. But, to be honest, he wasn’t sure it would last one year, let alone two. “I

Over the Rainbow

Scott Booker, circa 1988 Photo: Scott Booker Today’s world is a virtual playground for music lovers. There’s no shortage of avenues to learn about breaking bands, download new songs or unearth a rare track. And there is little to no effort needed to find what you want or stumble upon the unexpected. All you need

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