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Former Navy SEAL opens an Oklahoma City gym specifically geared toward runners

Former Navy SEAL opens an Oklahoma City gym specifically geared toward runners

The running studio is equipped with Woodway 4Front treadmills, which are considered ‘the Bentley of treadmills.’

Joe Dorman’s Holiday for Heroes program delivers thousands of holiday cards to hospitals and veterans centers each year. | Photo bigstock.com

Oklahoma veterans and soldiers receive holiday cheer through Holiday for Heroes

2014 Democratic nominee for Oklahoma governor Joe Dorman leads the effort to send Christmas cards to recovering veterans in the state.

Nursing know-how

Tim Mander Photo Provided A few years before he hit 60, he was a computer-illiterate middle-school dropout who had worked construction for most of his civilian life.  He had few options when reentering the workforce after his military service and construction jobs. While some might think that, at his age, he would be well-suited for

Putin power

As the top-ranking Republican member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Inhofe blamed the president for cutting the military and, as a result, empowering Russian President Vladimir Putin to have carte blanche in hassling and invading its neighbors, according to a report in the Kansas City Star. The distinguished gentleman from Oklahoma seems to have

Sarge in charge?

Fully aware that his two mayoral opponents — Mayor Mick Cornett and Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid — have more financial backing, Nelson isn’t betting on himself to win the March 4 mayor’s election. “I know it’s far from happening, but I do have people who take me seriously, even if the people on the

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