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Tina Jones

Crime victims, domestic violence groups, others advocate for Marsy’s Law

Crime victims, domestic violence groups, others advocate for Marsy’s Law

“Victims can be taken to court over and over, sometimes over a period of years,” Peery said. “The right to a speedy trial doesn’t happen for victims. … The process of the court just re-traumatizes victims.”

(Soon-to-be) Winning

The Tishomingo resident has traditionally fared well in the CMAs, vying for a fifth straight Female Vocalist of the Year award. Lambert has yet to attain the prestigious Entertainer of the Year prize, though she is nominated in that category as well. Her competition for the top honor? Defending champ Luke Bryan, George Strait …

Hot, stomping country footwear

Cleverly dubbed Miranda by Miranda Lambert, the boot-stompin’ country music star and Tishomingo resident’s footwear is available in select DSW stores and online at dsw.com, as well as select Shoe Dept. stores and shoedept.com. We’re looking at the shoes online right now, and let us tell you, these things are sass-y (So Miranda, right?). Apparently,

YES, this gal really is doing it herself

“Because they say when you hit 30 it doesn’t get easier. So I thought, ‘Well, you know, if I get a little healthier before I turn 30, maybe I can get ahead of the game.’” Lambert told E! News at the Country Music Association Awards Nov. 6. Well, the situation has gotten a little out

Now it’s Blake Shelton’s turn

The church picketed his Oct. 3 concert in Kansas City, Mo., because it believes his marriage to country star Miranda Lambert is adultery; it’s Shelton’s second marriage. Shelton and Lambert live on a farm just outside of Tishomingo — you know, when they’re not busy being famous. Like Gill, who stood up for his marriage,

Inside the Octo-gon

When Austin’s The Octopus Project takes the stage, it’s more than a concert — an immersive and organized chaos ensues. Thickly layered instrumentals, colorful projections and a conscious commitment to putting on a show come across clear as day. It’s frenetic, to be sure, but it’s also accessible in a way unique to this quartet.

Stone cold country

Stoney LaRue isn’t much of a studio junkie. The Red Dirt pioneer has only produced two studio albums since he began playing bars around Stillwater and Norman more than a decade ago, and there was a six-year gap between his debut The Red Dirt Album and 2011 hit Velvet. Yet the Oklahoma native routinely sells out many of the

Getting punchy

In Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” video, the country star portrays someone ravaged by torment, who eventually dabbles in mind-altering substances, cuts her own hair and deviously inspects a kitchen knife. Basically, it’s about being crazy. But wait, don’t award her an MTV Moonman just yet, folks; the character Lambert was playing might not have

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