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Demonizing rich people

Last November, every financial trend pointed to high unemployment and low GDP. Add to these realities the imminent explosion of health care costs, widespread inflation, inevitable tax increases and unsustainable deficits. In 1992, lesser economic factors became a mandate to fire George Bush. How does a president taking extravagant vacation getaways while people lose their

What would J.C. do?

Credit: Brad Gregg It might make sense for Republicans to be pondering a change in light of the party’s unpopularity among African- Americans and Hispanics. In the Nov. 6 election, President Barack Obama won 93 percent of the African-American vote and more than 70 percent of the Hispanic vote. Watts, who is African-American and long

Oklahoma’s post election rise

Why and how are we Okies different, and what does that mean for the future? It might help to look at California, which is where four more years of Obama-style tax increases, hyper-regulation and deficits will take us. California just doubled down on liberal policies, electing veto-proof Democratic majorities in its legislature and approving draconian

Mitt Romney and the demise of Anthony’s

Credit: Brad Gregg Mitt Romney does, or at least he might, as detailed in a recent Newsweek story by David Stockman, former budget director in the Reagan administration. As reported in the article, Romney’s private equity firm, Bain Capital, began buying up big-box retailers in the late 1980s and early ’90s that were failing amid

Romney is the choice for Oklahoma

—The Keystone XL Pipeline: From our state’s perspective, I could rest my case there. The Obama administration’s decision not to approve the pipeline is one of the greatest failures of his term. National security, small business and Oklahoma jobs are at risk of serious setback. Keystone XL Pipeline means more construction jobs, more industry jobs,

Chamber of secrets

Credit: Brad Gregg From Kanye West’s sex tape with some Kim Kardashian doppelgänger to Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” tape, several such recordings surfaced last month — including one featuring leaders of the State Chamber of Oklahoma. In the recording, chamber President and CEO Fred Morgan and chamber COO Chad Warmington talk politics at a July

Still whipped

Photo: Joshua Dalsimer The planet is heating up, running out of fossil fuel and getting stingy with clean air and water. World nations seem chronically on the verge of global economic collapse. Crazed gunmen and suicide bombers make daily headlines. Literacy is down, obesity is up and Kim Kardashian is a household name. Humanity, meet

The girl from Madill

Credit: Brad Gregg State Sen. John Sparks, D-Norman, first met Janna Little in Boston in 1987, when he was at Harvard University and she was attending Wellesley College. The Okie expatriates became fast friends. After graduation, they wound up working together in the Washington, D.C., office of then-U.S. Rep. Bill Brewster, D-Marietta. “She is charming,

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