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Wolf Head

Ryan “Staples” Scott just wanted to “do something funny, with guns.” “The image of a gun has so much more weight to it,” said the Yukon resident. “I wanted to create a plot to push that.” The end result is his directorial debut in feature filmmaking, “Wolf Head,” shot entirely in the Oklahoma City metro

Shallow pals

And if you want your film to withstand the test of time, don’t be tempted to include of-the-moment pop-culture crazes like, say, a flash mob. “Friends with Benefits,” an otherwise springy rom-com, is saddled with two flash mob scenes, an unfortunate turn given how that phenomenon is already taking on the whiff of Macarena rot.


They range from the witty (Mae West’s “You’re never too old to become younger”) to the philosophical (Seneca’s “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”). Writer/director Mike Mills’ “Beginners,” a sweet if sometimes irritatingly twee film playing exclusively at AMC Quail Springs Mall 24, encompasses that same range. It doesn’t always succeed in

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