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Chicken-Fried News: Crime boss: Murder sentence too steep

Chicken-Fried News: Crime boss: Murder sentence too steep

Convicted crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger is appealing two life sentences he received for murder last year because he says he didn’t get a fair trial. Bulger was convicted of 11 murders, one of which was a Tulsa businessman in 1981, but says the trial was rigged against him because the judge didn’t let him

Murder on the rise

On April 7, the city had its 12th homicide of the year as a 30-year-old female was found dead in a home on SW 60th Street. Few details were known in the following days. Was this a drug-related homicide? A domestic dispute? Or maybe a murder related to the city’s increase in gang activity? All

Letters to the Editor: April 15, 2014

The problem is the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. So, if a person condemned to die is kept from knowing the source, consistency and content of the drugs that will kill him or her, how can anyone know if it is cruel or unusual? In January, the final words

Confession of Murder

Du-sok can do this without worry of imprisonment because, unlike these United States, the statute of limitations has run out. He’s a free man even after taking credit for most heinous deeds. Naturally, that irritates the case’s lead detective, Lt. Choi (Jung Jae-Young), whose run-in with the killer a decade ago left the policeman with

He’s baaaaaaack — in jail

Shocking, right? Javontai Ingram was charged with illegal possession of a firearm after a gang-related shootout — with a Hoovers gang member called Nutso, no less — at an apartment building in Moore, at which he suffered head injuries from a gunshot wound and threw his gun into a field after the confrontation, reported NewsOK.com.

Now with less murder!

Last year did have more than a reasonable number of high-profile homicides from domestic disputes, home burglaries gone awry, home burglaries gone awry, convenience store murders and other nastiness, including 7-year-old Adrian Avalos, who was killed by a post-burglary house fire, the station reported. There were fewer than 80 murders in 2013, down from 99

Community demands governor action over boy’s death

The teenager, born with Chromosome 9 Ring disease, was unable to care for himself and required help with tasks as easy as lifting a fork to his mouth. He died Jan. 4, 2013, at Children’s Hospital from pneumonia complications, according to the state medical examiner. But the youngster’s sister, Valerie Wood-Harber, contends he died from

Song and dance

Chicago, winner of six Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival, is an institution created by the who’s who of theater legends. Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse wrote its book, while the music was created by John Kander, the lyrics by Ebb and the choreography by Fosse. For its revival, the choreography was done by Ann

Made for TV

But there’s much more to Ness’ story, including the little-known fact that he tried to solve the case of America’s first true serial killer, the Cleveland Torso Murderer, in 1935. New York Times’ bestselling author and professor William Bernhardt read the factoid in a biography about Ness and was curious enough to start researching Ness’

Killer Holiday / Murder University

Killer Holiday is so named because the killer’s name is Holiday (ha-ha?) and because for the aggravating eight college students passing for protagonists, it’s spring break, dude! So your Overweight Douche, your Frat Douche, your Party Girl, your Smart Girl and so on pile into an RV to get their kicks on Route 66, because

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