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The University of Central Oklahoma’s Interfaith Faith returns to campus from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 25. Pictured, representatives from Edmond’s Spring Creek Assembly of God speak to a student during 2015 fair. Photo by UCO Photo Services/KT King

UCO’s Interfaith Fair exposes students to new ideas

UCO’s Interfaith Fair exposes students to new ideas

UCO’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion aims to introduce students to other religions and connect them to their peers with its Interfaith Fair.

Read it here: Full Islamic Society of Greater OKC statement on Orlando attack

This heinous act contradicts the Holy Month plus the very teachings and practices of Islam. This is against our beliefs.

Administrator Mahanneh Baha makes a point, during a group interview at Mercy School Institute, 10-29-15.  (Mark Hancock)

Oklahoma Muslims face challenges during the holidays

Recent incidents of terrorism and cultural and generational differences pose problems for Muslim Oklahomans, especially during the holiday season.