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You In Me is a wink-and-nod Neil Diamond tribute act led by Oklahoma City karaoke singer Alan Novey and Flaming Lips multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd. (Delo Creative / provided )

You In Me isn’t just any Neil Diamond tribute act. It makes heartlights shine

“He’s going to fall in love with us,” Novey blurted. “He’s going to call and he’s going to want to fly us out to his ranch or wherever he lives.”

How Manilow can you go?

Stephen, really? This is what you call “comprehensive”? You can’t skip songs and call it a “track-by-track exploration.” (Strike one.) You can’t quote lyrics and call it a “track-by-track exploration.” (Strike two.) You can’t reference/compare Neil Diamond and Billy Joel to Barry Manilow, and expect anyone to take you seriously. To be clear: That’s like

Barry Manilow — 15 Minutes

1.    The recording style and instrumentation of the folk-rock “15 Minutes” sounds straight out of the ‘80s, which, I suppose, so is Manilow. Kinda. 2.    Vintage disco with Manilow semi-rapping. He hasn’t had to “Work the Room” in 30 years, so this just feels wrong. “Startin’ in sweet with a rockin’ beat / Show ‘em

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