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The collection of works in the Master Strokes exhibition is being seen for the for the first time outside of the U.K. | Image Victoria and Albert Museum, London / provided

Oklahoma City Museum of Art celebrates the holiday season with the international debut of Master Strokes

The exhibit includes a collection of drawings, sketching and prints on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

(Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: SOLE PASSION: Gayle Curry steps into Science Museum Oklahoma’s latest exhibit

“I let the painting lead me,” Curry said. “I used to always try to direct my paintings, but with the wax, I find it kind of has a life of its own.”

The Heineken Kidnapping

Portraying Heineken, who passed away in 2002, is Rutger Hauer. As good as he was as the Hobo with a Shotgun, that flick is a throwaway goof, whereas this carries heft and gives him a better vehicle for the dramatic might he rarely gets to show — at least in American productions; this is a

Miss Minoes

Tibbe (Theo Maassen, Black Book, Interview) is a newspaper reporter so shy, he risks unemployment because he can’t bring himself to talk to people. Luck comes to his apartment window in the form of Minoes (Carice van Houten, Black Death, TV’s Game of Thrones), a young woman who gives him a scoop that turns into

Long-lived libations

The project is still ongoing, so don’t look for the recreated Celtic beer in liquor stores quite yet, but there are plenty of other options for those wanting to taste history. Beer is a relative newcomer when compared to the world’s oldest libation: mead. The fermented honey-water and yeast drink dates back to around 7,000

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