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The Devil’s Rock

The structure is “The Devil’s Rock” of this New Zealand fantasy’s title. Inside, they meet a representative of their Nazi enemy, Col. Meyer (Matthew Sunderland) who warns them of the shrieking woman’s voice they hear. Halfway into the film, when we finally see why: She’s hot! See, the imprisoned woman looks just like Capt. Grogan’s

The other white

Instead, a region of New Zealand called Marlborough has lent its name to a style of Sauvignon Blanc that focuses on grapefruit. Baskets of grapefruit. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Over-the-top-acidic grapefruit. “Marlborough became synonymous with a style of Sauvignon Blanc that accentuated a single component of the varietal,” said Chris Alton, Kobrand ambassador to New

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