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Chicken-Fried News: Testing tracks

Chicken-Fried News: Testing tracks

Amtrak recently sent an inspection train up the rails to Newton, Kansas, possibly in hopes to expand the Heartland Flyer’s service.

Making schools safe

For many years, I’ve been concerned about this issue. I was privileged to work with 22 other Oklahomans appointed to the OCSS to analyze our current school security climate. The panel consisted of professionals from diverse fields such as local education, homeland security, mental health, local law enforcement, parents and operational planning. When tragedies strike,

‘Grease’ girl

Although Olivia Newton-John earned her stripes well before starring in 1978’s Grease and released her debut album an entire decade before 1981’s Physical, odds are that when you think of the Australian pop star, you think of one of two things: black hot pants or a leotard. Despite those benchmarks, she has performed nonstop for

Creation conversation

The promotional material asks two questions: Who is right, and why does it matter? William Reeves, an Oklahoma City dentist and Crossings member who helped organize the event, said the conference is offered to “educate individuals, primarily Christians, but people of other faiths as well.” “I hope it will help attendees understand that science, including

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