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Tyler, the Creator embodies rap’s millennial ethos

Tyler, the Creator embodies rap’s millennial ethos

Tyler, The Creator plays at Diamond Ballroom May 31.

Methotrexate — Camelpacks & Battlerapz

While “Camelpacks & Battlerapz” is no doubt the creation of similarly humble production (albeit as professional and warmer), he digs deeper than your average upstart MC. This standout hip-hop record is seemingly the product of consuming just as many jazz records and cult films as mixtapes, and it’s as studious and labored over as a

Tech N9ne — All 6’s and 7’s

He may get criticism for his at-times controversial subject matter, but as far as lyricism and flow goes, Tech is on-point from start to finish. Sure, “All 6’s And 7’s” may speak of violence and sexual deviancy, but that’s hip-hop, right? Well, not necessarily, but it’s certainly not out of the ordinary … especially with Odd

Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music — Nona Willis Aronowitz, ed.

After that, she moved into feminist and political writing, then professorship. Her music writing was mostly forgotten. She died in 2006. “Out of the Vinyl Deeps,” a collection of most of her columns from The New Yorker and other music writings, shines a light on a woman whose work helped invent the concept of a sociological

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