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Brian Haas / Matt Chamberlain — Frames

That an artist would become enamored with divination after moving to the sprawling, mountain-laden countryside on the outskirts of Santa Fe, N.M., makes perfect sense. So, too, does Frames.  While not improvised, per se, the album does toe the line between boundlessness and structure. A methodically composed exercise through the tempered scale, Frames clocks in

Frame of mind

Brian Haas wasn’t always a jazz musician. The Tulsa native and Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey ringleader was instead trained from a young age to play classical piano. Even within the more structured confines of classical music, though, Haas has always been an improviser at heart. “I would always get super nervous before competitions or recitals,”

‘Race’ is the prize

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey has never been an act to shy away from ambition. Producing more than 20 albums in 17 years should clue one into that. Then there’s massive productions like reinterpreting Beethoven’s symphonies with a 50-piece orchestra or transforming hits by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé into jazz pop epics on New Year’s Eve.

‘Dawn’ of the dread

After watching all his fellows mauled, eaten or drowned, Odysseus resolved to stay at home, thenceforth, with his family in Ithaca. And now the sequel, “Odyssey Dawn: II.” Will it be 20 years before America comes home again? Perhaps we should revise our Constitution so that our soldiers are required to die in wars declared

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