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Enterprise schools work best

All three types of choice schools have excellent records that are virtually indistinguishable. Our application-only school market is oversaturated, however, and we must think anew. OKC’s Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Reach College Preparatory, for instance, does great work, but its potential is maxed out. It still serves about half of the students as the

‘No tolerance’ doesn’t teach

In 1999, the committee was shocked to learn that the OKCPS only had 485 alternative school slots for students with behavioral or attendance problems, health conditions, pregnancy or parenting challenges or who were institutionalized. According to the state’s Needs Assessment, the OKCPS needed another 1,205 slots. We also knew that punitive policies, such as “zero

OKC schools need real change

After more than 35 years in the education realm, retiring Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Karl Springer said that he is most proud of three policies he helped implement. He brought the “Great Expectations” curriculum to elementary schools and Teach for America to the district and put into place a year-long school schedule that allowed

In and out and in

Credit: Brad Gregg Dozens of out-of-district school students had been accepted and enrolled at Classen School of Advanced Studies in the Oklahoma City district, only to later receive an “oops” notification. The reason? Students and parents were told the district’s school board was trying to limit the number of out-of-district transfers to Classen SAS. Thus,

School’s out, and over

“They were second from the bottom in terms of academic performance,” said state Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi. “If I had a student there, I would be thrilled to have my child out of that school. This should not be a surprise to them. There were several parents who expressed concern.” Located at 537

School choice is the answer

You say these schools serve intense concentrations of poverty and trauma. A primary cause of such concentrations of poverty and trauma has been our public city schools. That is what happens when generation after generation of caring parents escape to the suburbs as fast as possible because well-intentioned liberals like yourself refuse them the choice

Civics lesson

Angela Monson Credit: Shannon Cornman Incumbent board chairwoman Angela Monson, an employee of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and a former state senator, faces challenger Lynne Hardin. First elected four years ago, Monson said she chose to run the first time because, in part, she saw bright children, including her own daughter, “not

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