The Harvesters tells the story of Jane (Alissa Ford), an aspiring Oklahoma journalist who grows tired of covering the folksy neighborhood events in fictional Bailyville.

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Brent Ryan Green talks about the progress of his first full-length directorial debut, The Veil

Earlier this month, Oklahoma native and acclaimed film director Brent Ryan Green debuted an in-the-works sneak peek of his upcoming sci-fi adventure film The Veil at deadCENTER Film Festival. The fest celebrated its 15th year as Green celebrated having so many of his films screened at deadCENTER through the years. Green said he scouted locations

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Senate Bill 1623 has made it past the state Senate Finance Committee and is awaiting further action in the Senate. Authored by Sen. Mike Mazzei, R-Tulsa, it would eliminate a number of special tax credits and subsidies in order to compensate for revenue lost by reducing the state’s top marginal income tax rate from 5.25

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