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Richard Ray Whitman received equal parts criticism and praise for his Street Chiefs series. | Photo provided

Richard Ray Whitman’s pursuit of art led him to activism

Richard Ray Whitman’s pursuit of art led him to activism

“We were always the subject matter,” Whitman said, “but never behind the camera. That’s where the artist has control; a more self-determined image can be created when you are behind the lens.”

Christina L. Green talks about The Oklahoma Innocence Project at the Christina Green discusses the Oklahoma Innocence Project at the Oklahoma City University School of Law. (Garett Fisbeck)

Cover Story: Students involved in a local university law school’s Oklahoma Innocence Project realize criminal justice system is far from flawless

“To be able to help provide a voice to someone who has no voice is an incredible opportunity and experience,” Behenna said.

Mariachi students led by Christiaan Osborn in his class at Filmore Elementary School in South Oklahoma City, 1-15-16.  (Mark Hancock)

State’s financial crisis puts OKCPS arts education in danger

“This budget crisis is proof that we need to bring everyone together to work on long-term solutions for public schools,” Hime said.

“Pandora’s Box” by George Bogart (Provided)

George Bogart’s teaching, mentorship inspired, influenced more than a generation of artists

Former students Joe Andoe, Linda Lou Warren, Larry Hefner and others also are featured in Legacy.

420MentalHealth (the one with the joints in the prescription bottle): Marijuana, although illegal in Oklahoma, is often used for medicinal purposes. Some organizations advocate for the legalization of the plant for medicinal use in cases like sleep apnea. Photo illustration by Siandhara Bonnet/The Daily

420: Many find medicinal benefits when using cannabis, regardless of legality

“I felt that marijuana calmed me down better and made me relax a lot more than over-the-counter drugs,” Doe said. “It was more effective than melatonin or other drugs.”

Eric Everett (Hacksaw Jim Duggan) wrestles Thorne Poorman (Big Van Vader) during a BLOWmania practice at Mid-South Wrestling. (Garett Fisbeck)

Pro wrestling event brings to life the biggest names in the sport’s history

“If you want to wrestle and throw some glitter and spandex on, absolutely,” she said. “You’re welcome to come.”

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