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Plane gain

credit: Jamey Jacob To label them as merely weather drones is almost insulting. “The term ‘drone’ has specific connotations,” said Jamey Jacob, professor at OSU’s School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. “There is a lot of potential for developing unmanned aircraft that could have positive effects on a lot of industries.” Still, in the wake

Attempting a reversal

Chad Smith, John Smith, Wayne Wells, Lee Roy Smith & Danny Hodge Credit: Mark Hancock While the U.S. has been at political odds with a number of these countries, wrestling has brought together representatives from across the world for a common goal: reinstating the sport as an Olympic event for the 2020 Summer Games.Two-time Olympic

Loan rangers

OU campus Credit: Mark Hancock A big chunk of that, not surprisingly, is the tab for college loans. Since 2008, the study found that student loan debt has “increased by $303 billion, while other forms of debt fell a combined $1.6 trillion.” In the aftermath of the worst recession since the Great Depression, young college

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