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Commentary: What the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing taught us

  It is hard to believe that 20 years have passed. I was taking roll in a public speaking class at Oklahoma City University that fateful morning, and a young woman who was often tardy strolled in at 9:05 and said, “Sorry I’m late, but they just blew up a building over there.” I remember


Commentary: Mellow’s life and work inspired recovery

  I’ve lost too many friends to addiction and mental illness. Not a single one of them was a quitter; they fought for every day they had. They each also were happiest when they helped other people feel happy and whole. They were parents, stepparents, family members, lifelong friends, longtime colleagues, artists and mentors. Local

Letters to the Editor: March 25, 2015

‘Fat ass’ The reason I feel compelled to write about the SAE incident at OU is not about what was said by these young men or the actions taken by President Boren or the university. It’s about, for lack of a more artful phrase, ignorance. I’ve read several iterations of this argument, and I feel

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