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OKC student discovers butt music

Twenty-year-old Oklahoma Christian University music student Amelia Hamrick is the first to transcribe the tune. Bonus: She’s also the first to play it. That’s right, she’s the first to play a song that’s hidden in a centuries-old painting, according to a news release posted to the university’s official website. And she gets the humor of

Arbuckle up

Fishin’ When Sulphur native Skip Thompson began painting in 1980, she had no idea that 34 years later, her artwork would be exhibited in the Governor’s Gallery at the Oklahoma State Capitol. At the beginning of her instruction with her first teacher, Maude Landsford, there were some testy times because Landsford was a tough teacher.


The Nazis stole this beautiful impressionist painting by Camille Pissarro during the occupation of France during WWII. Yes, we understand that there is an antiquated court ruling in Switzerland that denied the painting to the owners because the established timeframe to make the claim expired. This whole court decision is arbitrary and unclear. What is

Velvet underground

“It has its own set of rules, but painting on velvet produces a unique result that, much like the material itself, envelopes viewers in a rich, smooth, luxurious pocket of gooey satisfaction,” he said. Before working on velvet, Lawson spent a decade creating work for his Pareidolia series featuring surreal, organic forms designed to be

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