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(Anna Schilling / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: OKC Pride reflects on 30th anniversary as it marches toward the future

Cover Story: OKC Pride reflects on 30th anniversary as it marches toward the future

“This [parade] is an important moment for Oklahoma,” Rogers said. “It is difficult for many people to do. But we’re marching not in a militant fashion, but instead in a parade, which is first of all a lot more fun, and also to say and to show that we’re people just like anyone else.”


Massive OKC Pride Week celebrations overshadow violence and fear

“My first year involved, I think we estimated 30,000 attendees, and last year, I think we estimated 70,000 over the three days,” Clark said. “That’s a big difference.”

Read it here: Full OKC Pride statement on OKC Pride events and Orlando nightclub attack

Pride was born of a need to stand up against oppression, discrimination and to fight for equality.

Let them eat king cake

Parishioner Jenifer Cameron, a New Orleans native, started baking king cakes at the church three years ago as a form of rehabilitation therapy after having seizures in 2009 and subsequent brain surgery, Rev. Jeannie Himes said. The seizures caused Cameron to lose some of her long- and short-term memory, but her intact baking skills are

Onward and upward

Oklahoma Gazette will no longer organize the annual Halloween Parade, which began in 2007 as a way to promote artistry, creativity and diversity among the city’s arts and cultural organizations, said Gazette Publisher Bill Bleakley. When the event began seven years ago, an estimated 14,000 people came out to witness the inaugural parade. The next

Who will take reigns on popular Halloween parade?

Tuesday’s media statement, sent to media outlets, sponsors and fans, reads: Oklahoma Gazette has announced that it will no longer produce Gazette’s Halloween Parade. As part of the news organization’s strategic planning in advance of its 35th anniversary in 2014, it will focus on its core drive of news and information delivery, with a particular


MARY BETH BABCOCKMary Beth Babcock is a Bartlesville native and holds a bachelor’s degree in retail merchandising from OSU. She was Oklahoma Today’s 2011 Oklahoman of the Year. She opened Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa’s Blue Dome District in 2006 and opened her second location in Wayne Coyne’s Womb Gallery in November 2012. Dwelling Spaces is

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