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Ralph Ellison Library, Thursday, April 20, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

OKC voters could go to the polls in September to vote on a bond referendum and a possible MAPS tax

OKC voters could go to the polls in September to vote on a bond referendum and a possible MAPS tax

The bond referendum and MAPS projects would fund further infrastructure and capital improvement projects in OKC.

Georgie Rasco, executive director of The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma, poses for a photo, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Neighborhood improvement projects could be listed in a 2017 bond proposal

“No one knows more about the neighborhoods than the citizens,” said Kristy Yager, City of Oklahoma City public information director.


Outdoor initiative comes to Oklahoma City

A national initiative aims to get people active and renew their interest in public parks and outdoor activities.


Commentary: Spending to reduce debt

I want to agree with Oklahoma Gazette Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Chancellor’s May 14 statement on public radio that Oklahoma City’s investments in infrastructure help level the playing field between rich and poor. The MAPS accomplishments are revitalizing OKC, now the envy of hundreds of American cities. True, most improvements benefitted our downtown and the bankers and

Ripple effect

Just a few years removed from high school, Joel Parks, Lucas Gillette and Tremaine Wade — the guys behind Oklahoma alternative trio Ripple Green — have already devoted ten years of time into what started as a childhood diversion, now turned a full-fledged obsession. “It was a youthful drive to start playing music,” guitarist Parks

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Like Boggy Creek, 1976’s Sundown states it is based on a true story. Unlike Boggy Creek, Sundown actually is. Better late than never, it makes a simultaneous DVD and Blu-ray release courtesy of Shout! Factory. Set in postwar Texarkana, the film depicts the fear that gripped that the heretofore optimistic town of 40,000 after a

Wildlife strife

The adamant opposition from Friends of Martin Park Nature Center stems from a proposal by nonprofit group Wilderness Matters, Inc., which seeks to add two new handicapped-accessible trails, a treehouse, a boardwalk across the lake and a sensory garden. The projects would require a large amount of construction and could destroy trees, rare plants and

A wild ride

Pantheon, son of Helios, grabbed the reins of the Greek god’s sun-chariot to speed across the sky, but when he lost control, the flames scorched the land, creating the arid desert. Half a world away, sons and daughters are still going on joyrides through another Sahara, this time without world-destroying results. Located in Waynoka, Little

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