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Skating Polly — Fuzz Steilacoom

The former is a startlingly authoritative, snarling take of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse’s brand of punk-anchored “ugly pop,” a fully realized vision of doom and gloom showing just how lethal Skating Polly can be. The latter is a stripped-down, heart-tugging piano ballad on par with anything Regina Spektor has ever done, toying with lush

Skating Polly — Lost Wonderfuls

But it’s not that these girls are so young, or even that they’re so good at such a young age. Rather, what makes Skating Polly — and its sophomore LP, Lost Wonderfuls — such an anomaly is how brazenly Mayo and Bighorse embrace their youth, weaving a playful, seemingly innocuous sense of melody through unabashedly

Rolling upward

Photo: Doug Schwarz With the third anniversary of Oklahoma City outfit Skating Polly coming on the eve of Halloween, things are shaking out how every band dreams it will. The duo recently signed a manager and found a booking agent, and a record deal looks to be inked in the very near future. It’s been

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