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Cheyenne Lee Pocowatchit, Citizen of Comanche Nation and Affiliated Cheyenne, Nationally Recognized Fancy Dancer (Will Wilson / provided)

Fred Jones Museum, Oklahoma tribes collaborate on PHOTO/SYNTHESIS

Fred Jones Museum, Oklahoma tribes collaborate on PHOTO/SYNTHESIS

“I believe that what [Wilson] does in creating those images is he gives authorship, which is a very generous act for an artist to do for the people who are being represented by those images,” ahtone said.

Tiffani Sanders talks about her participation with the Photovoice Project as Vanessa Morrison and Cheryl Sanders look on at the Oklahoma City Municipal Building, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Photovoice project tells a visual story about northeast Oklahoma City though the eyes and lenses of 25 women

OU’s College of Architecture, the OU Humanities Forum, the African and African American Studies program and the Women’s and Gender Studies program supported the project.


National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum introduces three new exhibits

New museum displays explore everything from dime novel art to the classic cowboy bandanna.

(Image Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art / provided)

Cover Story: Fred Jones Museum’s Visage exhibit explores unspoken meaning in portraiture

Photographic portraiture comes hand in hand with a deceptive sense of reality. It is easy to understand how a painted portrait could be interpreted, how a commissioned artist might depict a wealthy dignitary without his double chin or with an enhanced, confident gleam in his eye. The truth is many photographic portraits are no more

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