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Lana Lopez during Acrylic Painting taught by Bert Seabourn during this 8 week winter art class, 2-18-14, at Oklahoma Contemporary, 3000 General Pershing Blvd., at the Fairgrounds.  mh

Study shows low arts consumption in Oklahoma

Study shows low arts consumption in Oklahoma

Citizens in the state’s cities remain the main consumers of art.

Love Triangle?

From tragedy comes art, so Lyric Theatre presents the new musical Triangle at the Plaza Theatre, inspired by the disastrous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The show’s creators — Curtis Moore (music), Thomas Mizer (lyrics) and Joshua Scher (book with Moore and Mizer) — also link the story tenuously to the World Trade Center attack of

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 11, 2014

Not to be flippant, but I ask, “Why would we not?” Creating and appreciating art is one of our most basic instincts and is one of the first steps any primitive people take toward becoming a civilized society. At the first breath of ease when we rise above sheer survival mode, we create art. We

Sing it

When an adapter and director makes a familiar story seem fresh, success has been achieved. When the feat is repeated, success has been transcended. Such is the case with Lyric Theatre’s A Christmas Carol, adapted and directed by the company’s artistic director, Michael Baron. This is the same production Lyric has staged for three years

‘Much Ado,’ indeed

One of the Bard’s most beloved romantic comedies, “Much Ado About Nothing” tells the story of two couples, one comprised of marriage-averse Benedick and Beatrice, the other of all-too-eager young lovers Claudio and Hero. Through the meddling of others, both sets are duped in different ways. Timothy Berg plays blowhard bachelor-for-life Benedick. His initial pomposity

‘Nerd’ humor

It’s hard to say whether the title of “The Nerd,” by Larry Shue, now being presented by Pollard Theatre, is supposed to endear us to the eponymous character or turn us off right from the beginning. I guess it depends on your opinion of nerds, generally. In this tepid 1981 comedy, Willum Cubbert is a

Arise, Lazarus

Fans of Slayer would find themselves in familiar territory if they stopped in Saturday night at Bricktown Live, 103 Flaming Lips Alley, where the Wisconsin-based band will be playing tracks off “Black Rivers Flow.” The album was released by legendary label Metal Blade Records last week. Similarly thrash-minded bands Death Angel and Bonded by Blood

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