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Chicken-Fried News: We need more women in power

Chicken-Fried News: We need more women in power

  A group of politicians recently gathered to state the obvious with a round-table-like discussion comprised of toothless actions and comments. Business as usual, right? Well, this time, the panel was comprised of women who have held public office in the state discussing the need for more women in politics. In 2013, a record number

Dorman says he’s an underdog who’s gaining ground

“Just like the NCAA bracket where I see the underdogs are doing very well this year, I think we are going to see the same thing happen on Nov. 4,” said Dorman, referring to the annual NCAA basketball tournament currently in action and the date Oklahomans will vote for governor. “As the election moves toward

Gazette Poll: Big win, again

Two polls conducted prior to the election by Oklahoma Gazette and News 9 adjusted for the demographics of traditional voters in Oklahoma City elections and predicted that Cornett would carry 63 percent of the March 4 vote. Cornett earned 31,514 votes and 66 percent of the total. Shadid’s campaign, dramatically out-financed by Cornett’s campaign and

Letters to the Editor: March 4, 2014

Shannon has now thrown down the challenge to candidate, congressman and former church-camp worker James Lankford. Which candidate can be the holiest? Lankford will remind us of his godliness, but he will have to fight fire with fire and get out ahead of Shannon’s background cross. So what might work? Lankford could go out to

UPDATE: Arts consolidation bill approved in committee

+++ A state House committee will conduct a hearing Thursday morning on a measure that could consolidate three agencies into the Tourism, History and Cultural Department. Those agencies are the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Oklahoma Arts Council.  The House Government Modernization panel will discuss the issue at 10:30

Comic relief

A person wearing a large yellow chicken costume first appeared at the Feb. 17 mayoral debate that was attended by three of the four candidates: Ed Shadid, Joe “Sarge” Nelson and Phil Hughes. Mayor Mick Cornett chose not to participate. The costumed character held a sign that read, “Why won’t Mick debate?” A day later,