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A statewide program helps improve the lives of first-time mothers and their children

A statewide program helps improve the lives of first-time mothers and their children

Oklahoma’s Children First partners with first-time, low-income moms and families to build safe, stable, healthy homes for children.

Angie Ward poses for a photo at her home in The Village, Friday, March 31, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Oklahomans face an uncertain health care future

While Congress debates the future of the Affordable Care Act, many citizens fear they will lose coverage.

(Cover design: Christopher Street / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: Poverty impacts disproportionate number of OKC residents

“If we aren’t willing to confront that we have suffering right under our noses, we are doing a huge disservice to our fellow citizens,” Mélon said.

‘No tolerance’ doesn’t teach

In 1999, the committee was shocked to learn that the OKCPS only had 485 alternative school slots for students with behavioral or attendance problems, health conditions, pregnancy or parenting challenges or who were institutionalized. According to the state’s Needs Assessment, the OKCPS needed another 1,205 slots. We also knew that punitive policies, such as “zero

How to parent

In 2010, Oklahoma was ranked fifth in the nation for births to teens, with 6,597 babies. Even in a state with such high numbers, however, Roberts’ situation is rare, as girls under 15 accounted for only 1.5 percent of teenage births. Family Builders’ mission is the prevention and treatment of child abuse and domestic violence.

Breast intentions

It’s not unusual for pregnant women to feel less than beautiful, and Oklahoma City artist Kelly Brinkmeyer was no exception. During her pregnancy in 2007, she channeled this frustration and killed two birds with one stone: learning to love her body while creating art — some nudity required. It was a hot July day when

K.C. and the sunshine grand

Credit: Kriea Arie It’s not at all uncommon to hear musicians comparing their new albums to their children. Months are spent laboring over every detail. An intimate bond exists with something in which they’ve invested their entire soul. There’s an optimistic apprehension to the idea of letting this creation move into the world on its

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