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Out of money

The closure would be a blow to many families who have come to rely on Early Foundations Family Outreach to help children with autism learn crucial skills early in life. For eight years, Early Foundations and Project Peak, part of the Autism Center at the University of Oklahoma’s Child Study Center, has received $600,000 in

Engineering change

It’s no secret to Phil Hughes that he has little chance of being the next mayor of Oklahoma City. He has no website. With the primary less than a month away, he has done no fundraising. He has no campaign events planned, and he has no formal endorsements. But Hughes is a registered candidate and

The Black Water Vampire

You aren’t likely to read a review of The Black Water Vampire that doesn’t reference The Blair Witch Project, and there’s good reason: That 1999 smash’s fingerprints are all over this found-footage effort, to the point that I could show you select stills from both and you wouldn’t be able to tell which belongs to

Freestyle flow

Vahid Farzaneh However, none of this would have come to pass if not for a class taken on a whim at the University of Oklahoma. “I initially wasn’t interested in filmmaking at all,” said Freestyle Productions owner Vahid Farzaneh. “I was kind of drifting around. I took an intro to film class for the credit

New look

His work experience is mainly in “labor work, construction, roofing and painting.” He is a high school graduate who has a lifelong love of writing and of films. Powell recently published one of his stories, “Sasquatch,” online through bookcountry.com. Like any writer, certain works inspire him. “The writer I’m probably most influenced by is Stephen

Railing cry

Photo by Mark Hancock A debate on the project’s route was filled with emotionally charged and often contentious remarks by citizens, community volunteers and elected officials. Almost two dozen citizens spoke against and in favor of the proposal during a 2-plus-hour discussion of the most controversial MAPS 3 project. After the public comments ended, Mayor


With one fewer segment than the original, this stack of mo’ lo-fi tales of taped terror opens with no credits — just the wraparound story of two private investigators searching for a college student missing for a week. Their gig takes them to his house, where in front of a bank of TVs, littered VHS

‘The good crazy’

He wants it to be about Heartland Rabbit Rescue in Blanchard, about Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary, about Hands Helping Paws in Norman and about each and every animal rescue and rights organization in Oklahoma, the United States and beyond. “They’re my real heroes,” he said. What Ingersoll would really like this story to be about,

Inside the Octo-gon

When Austin’s The Octopus Project takes the stage, it’s more than a concert — an immersive and organized chaos ensues. Thickly layered instrumentals, colorful projections and a conscious commitment to putting on a show come across clear as day. It’s frenetic, to be sure, but it’s also accessible in a way unique to this quartet.

Spectacular story

Tharp is the author of such bestsellers as Falling Dark, Knights of the Hill Country and Badd. With the release of the film adaptation of his critically acclaimed novel The Spectacular Now, Tharp doesn’t consider himself a young-adult writer but hasn’t strayed too far from the genre. “I became interested in writing about young adults

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