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Chicken-Fried News: Scouting scholars

Chicken-Fried News: Scouting scholars

Dallas ISD recently held recruitment sessions for Oklahoma teachers in Oklahoma City.

Stanley Hupfeld | Photo provided

OKCPS school board candidates prepare for Tuesday election

Budget issues, school choice, student demographics and teacher pay are important topics in this election.

Players of the Caribbean

Jimmy Paredes covering second courtesy: Oklahoma RedHawks No, it’s not an official name, but players and managers around the league know well of the pipeline of talent that stretches from the Caribbean to the U.S. and Canada. In that 1984 season, Hightower remembers two Dominican coaches and no less than 20 players on the roster.

‘Rum’ punchless

Thompson was no exception among young writers; the novel was only a seedling of what would eventually bloom in merciless attacks on the American Dream in “Hell’s Angels” and the narcotized paranoia of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Talk-show host Charlie Rose rightfully harangued the writer in 1999 for the late-career cash grab. Unfortunately,

The Inheritance

Such is the case with the debut from writer/director Robert O’Hara, which could be called a slavery slasher. That’s new. Taking the classic Agatha Christie setup of everyone invited to quite a spread arriving at the same time, “The Inheritance” gathers five African-American relatives and their respective partners for a family reunion in the snow.

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