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A black man was accused of killing a cop in 1910; the rest is history

A black man was accused of killing a cop in 1910; the rest is history

With no eyewitnesses, no murder weapon and only the barest of circumstantial evidence, the men on the jury were asked to convict a man and send him to his death simply because he was black and wore winter attire near the murder of a white man.

All in to win

“The only chance that [Ed] Shadid had was to have a very small turnout election,” said Pat McFerron, referring to Cornett’s challenger on the March 4 ballot. McFerron, who is a partner with CMA Strategies and worked on the mayor’s campaign, said the fact that turnout for last month’s mayoral race nearly doubled from the

Dorman says he’s an underdog who’s gaining ground

“Just like the NCAA bracket where I see the underdogs are doing very well this year, I think we are going to see the same thing happen on Nov. 4,” said Dorman, referring to the annual NCAA basketball tournament currently in action and the date Oklahomans will vote for governor. “As the election moves toward

Racey moves

Created by Hui Cha Poos in 2008, Race Dance has produced and participated in more than 50 performances throughout OKC, including original productions, Hip Hop Nutcracker, Racey and Raceless. Inspired by cabaret-style shows, A Racey Affair will feature seductive performances designed to bring out the naughty side of the audience. Because of the mature themes,

Letters to the Editor: March 11, 2014

It passed the House Education Committee last year but failed to be heard on the floor of the House. It can still be heard on the House floor this year. The bill promotes dishonest anti-science claims and would allow objectively false, unscientific materials to be presented in public school science classes. It was copied, almost

Gazette Poll: Big win, again

Two polls conducted prior to the election by Oklahoma Gazette and News 9 adjusted for the demographics of traditional voters in Oklahoma City elections and predicted that Cornett would carry 63 percent of the March 4 vote. Cornett earned 31,514 votes and 66 percent of the total. Shadid’s campaign, dramatically out-financed by Cornett’s campaign and

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