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Habitat family_first fortified home

Habitat for Humanity builds homes meant to survive Oklahoma storms

Habitat for Humanity builds homes meant to survive Oklahoma storms

Homes built to Fortified Home High Wind and Hail standards can withstand wind speeds up to 135 mph.

Molly Ross and Sean Olmstead

Red Tie Night returns to OKC on March 4

The Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund event raises funds for grants to help Oklahomans infected with HIV and AIDS.

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 25, 2014

In deriding state schools Superintendent Janet Barresi, CFN sniped that she is a dentist and not an educator, as if the two things must be mutually exclusive. Barresi co-founded and helped lead two widely respected charter schools in OKC: Charter Independence and Harding Charter Preparatory. Both are distinguished for their academic excellence. In fact, US

Driven to paganism?

Credit: Brad Gregg Keith Cressman, pastor of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Bethany, learned the religious liberty suit will return to U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton’s courtroom after state Attorney General Scott Pruitt elected not to appeal a higher court’s decision. In June, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Heaton made

Crooks for life

With country currently among the most popular genres on the music charts, more bands have to find new ways to make themselves sound different from everything else on the radio. This is a credo that Josh Mazour, songwriter and lead singer of Crooks, has taken to heart, going as far as to create a new

Speak for the trees

Organizers from the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts, Oklahoma Conference of Churches and the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma’s Whole Creation Community ministry have planned three prayer services to take place in the next few months. “We really need an opportunity to be alert to the fact that water conservation, stewardship of water resources, is absolutely

Carpenter union

The “devastating” flood not only took out CST’s office, but also its stock of furniture, props and costumes. “It was shocking to see furniture and appliances floating in 3 feet of water, sometimes a hundred feet away from where it had been sitting before,” said Rhonda Clark, artistic director. She knew then that if Stage

Make it rain

With native grasses and trees, homeowners aren’t just landscaping their yards — they’re cleaning the stormwater that flows into the water system. That runoff is caused when rain and melted snow flow over land or paved surfaces and do not percolate into the ground. “It’s a concern to us because that runoff goes into Lake

Rainy days

I love them although they make my (already pretty out-of-control) hair look like I’ve been living for three weeks with squirrels in a briar patch prone to humidity. Exactly like that. The only thing I possibly love more than rainy days are rain boots. I tend to call them Wellies, due to my annoying case

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