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Russell Perry | Photo provided

Leadership Oklahoma to honor community luminaries at annual gala

Leadership Oklahoma to honor community luminaries at annual gala

“I hired people of color, for the most part, who didn’t have the training to be a journalist,” Russell Perry said. “I trained them.”

the understanding cover

Willis — The Understanding

From the opening R&B samples and powerful horn section that triumphantly blasts the arrival of a new hero on the scene, Willis’ The Understanding perfectly captures the inner-city swagger of a blaxploitation movie icon. Strutting through these dirty streets like he is God almighty, Willis unashamedly kicks the doors in and sits at the head of

Killer tunes

Photo: Ben Aqua Sam Chown, best known as one-half of the Texas experimental psych duo Zorch, constantly has music rattling around in his brain. It forced him to form his latest outfit, Shmu, a shoegazing R&B trio, to get all the sounds he has been collecting out into the open for public consumption. “This is

Soul Williams — Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1

With a humble swagger and beats that could knock down the walls of Jericho, Williams’ newest album fills the pews with a low-down gospel message that, refreshingly, isn’t afraid to pull out a whip and strike down the false prophets crowding the temples of the holy. For example, the second track, “Revolutionary Minds” — co-written

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