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Bourbon, Barbeque & Blues raises money for arts program

Local organizers raise money for Classen School of Advanced Studies with a barbecue.

(Madeline Hancock)

Chicken-Fried News: Reba remembers Robin

You wouldn’t know it, but country singer and Okie native Reba McEntire has one of the best stories about the late Robin Williams. McEntire, like many celebrities at the time, shared her fondest memory of the legendary actor and comedian after his passing, writing on her official Facebook page: “My favorite memory of Robin Williams

Fancy that

Credit: Brad Gregg   But McEntire, a proud gun-owner, recently riled up some of her fans when she fielded a question about gun control on a South Carolina radio station. No one, she said, should have the “power” of owning assault weapons. The crooner reiterated her support for the Second Amendment, but added, “I think

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