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DJ Nowhere Sands during Everything is Not OK 3 in Oklahoma City, Friday, March 10, 2017.  Photo by Garett Fisbeck

The Nowhere Affiliated record distribution service brings rare electronic records into Oklahoma City

The Nowhere Affiliated record distribution service brings rare electronic records into Oklahoma City

The Nowhere Affiliated collection is housed in Warehouse B, near OKC Farmers Public Market.

For the record

Jennifer Day Photo: Mark Hancock “This is really fascinating stuff,” Day said. “But I also might be a little bit of a nerd.” As the city’s archivist, Day is tasked with organizing the documents and artifacts that date back to the city’s founding 125 years ago. Hired in 2012 as OKC’s first archivist, Day has

Recovery efforts

With drug use — and addiction recovery — in the spotlight of this year’s mayoral race, experts weigh in on how it might hamper or help overall public health. Public vilification of an Oklahoma City councilman’s past drug use, treatment and recovery is likely to restrict the number of people willing to seek elected office,

What’s to hide?

Joey Senat, author of Mass Communication in Oklahoma and associate professor of journalism at Oklahoma State University, said divorce filings are as much a public record as lawsuits and criminal charges.“Divorce records are not private and are included in the public court system,” he said. Senat’s comments come on the heels of a legal battle

Music Made Me: Chris Harris

The Cure, Disintegration (1989) This record was released when I was 15, but I don’t really remember listening to it a lot when it came out. I started playing guitar when I was 17, and it was probably sometime around 19 that I revisited it and realized that my guitar playing was subconsciously influenced by

Bright stripes

The Grizzlies aren’t the only Memphians laying tracks in Oklahoma City this summer. Garage rock’s Tiger High — the name being a nod to the city’s university — brings Memphis along everywhere it goes, including Monday’s stop at Kamps 1310 Lounge. “[Memphis] is a huge influence on us,” said drummer Greg Roberson. “There have been

On the Fritz

Songwriters draw their inspiration from a variety of things. Current events and relationships are usually high on the list, but things that make us laugh don’t typically scream, “Write a song about me.” Yet they do to Jonny Fritz, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter formerly known as Jonny Corndawg. He plays Thursday at Opolis. Fritz’s eccentric brand

Trading places

Between being a band, helping manage a record label/recording studio and maintaining a full-time day job, time management is crucial. Maybe that’s why Josh Griffin and Jonathan Eldridge — the two-man crew behind Oklahoma City blues-rock outfit The Trading Co. — have taken to writing songs and playing shows at the same time. “We’ve done

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