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(Cover by Christopher Street / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: PLAY BALL! Bricktown Ballpark launched a hitting streak for urban redevelopment

Cover Story: PLAY BALL! Bricktown Ballpark launched a hitting streak for urban redevelopment

“The line I use and nobody has ever contested it is, ‘No city in America has come as far as fast as Oklahoma City,’” said Mayor Mick Cornett. “The ballpark was the beginning.”

Cover story: Take me back to the ballgame

“Heavens no,” she said. “I never even thought about it.” An interesting series of events, however, led her to working for the Oklahoma City 89ers baseball team in the mid-1970s and eventually to positions in management and then as owner of the team, twice. People have played baseball — from loosely organized to semiprofessional teams

The windup

credit: RedHawks The Houston Astros are expected to be one of the weakest teams in Major League Baseball this season. But the Oklahoma City RedHawks, Houston’s Triple-A affiliate, could be one of the best. Opening their home season Friday against Memphis, the RedHawks feature an experienced pitching staff — and that very well may be

Players of the Caribbean

Jimmy Paredes covering second courtesy: Oklahoma RedHawks No, it’s not an official name, but players and managers around the league know well of the pipeline of talent that stretches from the Caribbean to the U.S. and Canada. In that 1984 season, Hightower remembers two Dominican coaches and no less than 20 players on the roster.

Name of the game

Brad Gregg Pete Rose was banned from baseball for gambling on the game. Suffice it to say, the national pastime and gambling haven’t made for the most harmonious of bedfellows. So imagine our surprise when the Oklahoma City RedHawks announced on April 4 that its ballpark would bear the name of a casino. For an

Take me out to Newcastle …

So imagine our surprise, then, that the Oklahoma City RedHawks ballpark is now named for a casino. For an undisclosed sum, the Chickasaw Nation purchased naming rights to the Bricktown ballpark, slapping on the name of Newcastle Field at Bricktown in honor of its gaming center in the rustic hamlet of Newcastle. An Oklahoma City ballpark

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