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(Jack Fowler / for Oklahoma Gazette)

Letters to the Editor: April 12, 2017

Letters to the Editor: April 12, 2017

But since the adolescent gang is too immature to understand what all the fuss is about, they not only don’t see the need to save anything.


Oklahoma Democratic Party hires Native American liaison

LaRenda Morgan is focused on building relations and strengthening Democratic engagement with tribes in the state.


Letters to the Editor: Oct. 19, 2016

  Warming to reality In dismissing global warming and environmental concerns as the imaginary theories of hysterics (Opinion, Letters to the Editor, “Chicken Little dunces,” Sept. 28, Oklahoma Gazette), Mickey McVay has summarized the perspectives of the fossil fuel industry and America’s Republican Party. The Republican Party platform extols coal, oil and gas production for

Congressman Steve Russell shakes hands with Don Spurgin before a town hall meeting at The Village Municipal Building, Tuesday, March 8, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Steve Russell jumps headlong into his new duties as a state congressman

Steve Russell focuses on border security and immigration policy in his first year in office.

Tina Kelly, Vice Chair of Oklahoma Libertarian Party, deliveres petitions to allow Independent voters to vote in the primaries to Paul Ziriax, Secretary of the State Election Board, at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City, Monday, Feb. 22, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Groups strive to put third-party candidates on ballots

Members of Oklahoma’s Green and Libertarian parties hope petitions and proposed bills will open up voting options in Oklahoma.


Commentary: Independent voters needed

Oklahoma’s Democratic Party is on the verge of having a stroke of genius. Party officials announced they’re considering opening primary and runoff elections to Independent voters at the party’s July 25 delegate meeting at Oklahoma City Community College. The Democrats’ intent is clear: to be more inclusive, expand primary participation and draw voters to Demo-cratic

Counterpoint: GOP undermines funding

In an ideal world, tuition-free, public college education, well-funded by the government, would be the best way to create a more educated, informed citizenry. College-educated people lead healthier lives and make this country and state more prosperous through innovation and creativity. Investing in higher education is paramount for any state that wants to thrive by

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