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Lead lab engineer Paulina Mwangi talks
about the GE Global Research Oil and Gas
Technology Center laboratory during a recent tour. | Photo Garett Fisbeck

GE Global Research Oil and Gas Technology Center calls Innovation District

Its $125 million facility opened recently in the district, which includes University Research Park, Automobile Alley and University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.


Commentary: The truth about Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of sex education and women’s health care. It helps an estimated 10 million women across the globe each year. In 2011, 97 percent of its worldwide services involved things like Pap smears, education, pregnancy tests, STI and STD testing (including HIV and AIDS). Thirty-five percent of its services are contraceptive in nature

food theives

Yay for inmates!

Now it will pay. The company agreed to refund more than $36,000 to the state after an investigation “found the company overcharged state entities,” NewsOK.com reported. The investigation found that Sysco charged different prices to several state facilities and departments, including the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, county jails, juvenile centers and hospitals. Now, hey,

Council offers tax incentives for two companies

The council voted unanimously to approve the incentives. GE announced last year that it planned to build a new global research center northeast of downtown that would create 133 jobs with an average salary of $129,800. The council approved an incentive of $1 million to GE and another $750,000 for site clearance and public improvements.

The cancer cure

Last fall marked the start of a Phase 1 clinical trial at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, a culmination of work from its researchers on a compound named OKN-007, which has shown marked success in animal trials. The story behind the drug has the makings of good fiction: a family tragedy, an intrepid optimist and several

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