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AgonyPR 471b

Carpenter Square ends season with Nicky Silver comedy The Agony & The Agony

Rhonda Clark and the other minds behind Carpenter Square Theatre’s creative direction read all of playwright Nicky Silver’s new works. Finding one that’s a good fit for their intimate production setting is another matter. Silver is a New York-based writer known for penning off-Broadway productions like 1993’s Pterodactyls, 1995’s Raised in Captivity and 2004’s Beautiful

Clowning around

The aliens in Aliens with Extraordinary Skills aren’t extraterrestrials; they’re two illegal immigrants from the former USSR constituents of Moldova and Russia trying to make it in the good ol’ U.S. of A. And that’s about the most interesting thing in this play by Saviana Stanescu, directed by Rhonda Clark. Professional clowns Nadia (Gwendolyn Evans)

Carpenter union

The “devastating” flood not only took out CST’s office, but also its stock of furniture, props and costumes. “It was shocking to see furniture and appliances floating in 3 feet of water, sometimes a hundred feet away from where it had been sitting before,” said Rhonda Clark, artistic director. She knew then that if Stage

Time to make the ‘Donuts’

Carpenter Square Theatre has come within one block of full circle. Its new, storefront theater on W. Main Street is one block south of the old Carpenter Paper Company warehouse, CST’s first home in 1985. But let’s not wax nostalgic. CST opens its season with Tracy Letts’ “Superior Donuts.” This play was highly anticipated when

Slow connection

“You’ve Got Hate Mail” is a comedy about infidelity in the computer age. Written by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, the play is told entirely through emails, chat messages and texts between five characters who read aloud and react to the correspondence. There’s the appropriately named Richard, a lawyer who can’t keep his little

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