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Spring is right around the corner. Time to start thinking about your garden. Specifically, it’s time to start thinking about the vegetables and herbs you can grow right alongside your ornamentals to make your garden practical and beautiful all at the same time. Worried about your tomatoes? Have no luck with rutabaga? Don’t fear; Oklahoma

Letters to the Editor: March 4, 2014

Shannon has now thrown down the challenge to candidate, congressman and former church-camp worker James Lankford. Which candidate can be the holiest? Lankford will remind us of his godliness, but he will have to fight fire with fire and get out ahead of Shannon’s background cross. So what might work? Lankford could go out to

Debating the debates

Case in point: Three-term Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett chose not to participate in a forum on Feb. 17 with his three opponents. It was organized by the Black Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Oklahoma City and community members at Fairview Missionary Baptist Church, 1700 NE Seventh St. About 100 people attended. It was the

Comic relief

A person wearing a large yellow chicken costume first appeared at the Feb. 17 mayoral debate that was attended by three of the four candidates: Ed Shadid, Joe “Sarge” Nelson and Phil Hughes. Mayor Mick Cornett chose not to participate. The costumed character held a sign that read, “Why won’t Mick debate?” A day later,


Thank you, Rev. Meyers Thanks for your commentaries, Rev. Robin Meyers. I always read your views. — Mel Wright Oklahoma City Let’s be pioneers To the state of Oklahoma, the first Oklahomans were called pioneers. We pride ourselves as pioneers and leaders of industry in many areas and fields, mainly our natural resources. Right here,

He’s No. 5!

Other top-of-the-political-pops Okies include Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Westville) at No. 33 and Rep. James Lankford (R-OKC) at No. 76. The Journal decided rankings based on a number of things, including how the men voted and scoring methods that included foreign issues and social and economic reform. No other Oklahoman cracked the top 100. For shame.

Capital kumbaya

While Sen. Tom Coburn has gone out of his way at times to be the bee in President Barack Obama’s bonnet, both have said they are friends and have a great respect for one another. With Coburn’s departure from the Senate coming soon due to his battle with cancer, USA Today reported Obama recently name-checked


The Nazis stole this beautiful impressionist painting by Camille Pissarro during the occupation of France during WWII. Yes, we understand that there is an antiquated court ruling in Switzerland that denied the painting to the owners because the established timeframe to make the claim expired. This whole court decision is arbitrary and unclear. What is


“I know that this will be deleted as soon as it is read, but, speaking as one of the millions ignored by overpriced insurance, I feel I must inform you that I now have insurance for the first time in over a decade. While it is true that the roll-out has been rocky, to say

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