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Food Network headed to local eatery

First, the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible show will tape an episode Jan. 28-29 at the venue, 322 NE Second St. Show host, chef Robert Irvine, is tasked with helping save America’s most desperate restaurants from impending failure in two days with $10,000. Irvine is seeking volunteers to help with painting, crafting, construction, remodeling, cleaning, decorating

Blinded with science

Kyle Van Osdol Artists are, by nature, visionaries. They interpret the world around them in their unique way, allowing us a different perspective on things commonplace and extraordinary. The new exhibit at Science Museum Oklahoma’s Satellite Galleries is what happens when the newest, shiniest technology is put in the hands of those who make art.

Enter the Dragon: 40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition

With this, director Robert Clouse made what is easily Bruce Lee’s finest film (and then proceeded to follow it up with a never-ending string of schlock). While Lee is technically one point of a heroic triangle — with A Nightmare on Elm Street’s John Saxon and blaxploitation icon Jim Kelly being the others — let’s

The Best Film You’ve Never Seen: 35 Directors Champion the Forgotten or Critically Savaged Movies They Love — Robert K. Elder

Luckily for Elder and his readers, there’s plenty more. A companion of sorts to Elder’s 2011 book The Film That Changed My Life, the Chicago Review Press paperback operates on several levels, from learning tool to reference guide to Netflix queue-filler. As with the earlier work, the author leans on 35 directors to build its

It might get loud

Copperheads Photo: Doug Schwarz To paraphrase Kiss, Oklahoma City loves it loud. It loves it so much so that the Okie Noise Fest, a free, nine-hour tribute to turning it up to 11, returns Saturday, this time to OKC, after a successful launch at Norman’s Opolis a year ago. Fest co-founder Robert Layton, front man

Limber Limbs — Limber Limbs

The Oklahoma City indie-rock trio of Ben Bowlware, Derek Moore and Robert Riggs went by People, People back in 2010 when it released a full-length album of heady, orchestrated material. Although still texturally rich and sonically complex, this self-titled, four-track EP aims at your heart as much as it does your cranium. “Golden Rust” —

Identity Thief

Yes, it’s stupid. But it stars Jason Bateman, one of the scant few actors currently working who can turn the otherwise throwaway line “The fuck you are” into a genuine laugh. Recently seen showing his dramatic side in Disconnect, Bateman reunites with Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon as Sandy Patterson, a Denver family man whose

Electra Glide in Blue

That Guercio never made another movie is a shame, because so much of Electra Glide in Blue — an opening shot of the highway cutting through the Arizona desert, the introduction of the motorcycle-cop protagonist in full uniform, the haunting final minutes — reveal a keen eye for composition. Two years away from TV’s Baretta,

Iron Man 3

So leaden are the jokes, so scattered is its focus, it threatens to court disaster. Then, against all odds, the movie rights itself to recapture that Marvel-ous spirit of the 2008 original. It’s almost as if Shane Black (directing for only the second time, and his first since 2005’s woefully underseen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

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