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Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut

That’s one fun fact I learned, but the real draw of this release is the film’s Holy Grail: the 23-minute original ending in its entirety and in full-color — not the unfinished black-and-white version — and it’s Quite Something to See. As many Little Shop fans know, but thought they’d never view, the movie stayed

Naked Angels

The 1969 picture arrived at the crest of the biker-film craze, yet is so dull, it could’ve killed the genre. The plot concerns gang leader Mother (Michael Greene, The Harrad Experiment) being freshly discharged from the hospital, but in danger of going right back in as he seeks revenge on his rivals who put him

Sweet Kill

Available exclusively from Shout! Factory’s online store, the Roger Corman production suggests that the sexual hang-ups of high school coach Eddie Collins (Hunter, Grease 2) are to blame on him watching his mom undress to her birthday suit when he was just a sneaker-wearing child sneaking peeks from her curtained closet. Which she knew. Discount

12 Creature Features

For me, only two of the titles stood out as new, or potentially just overlooked: 1974’s Horror High and 1968’s Kong Island. Both were novel enough that I could see paying $10 for it and not feeling short-changed, as long as you know upfront that the prints are less than pristine. As with such bargain

The Nurses Collection

Part of the label’s ongoing and hopefully never-ending “Roger Corman’s Cult Classics” line, The Nurses Collection presents a quadruple feature of the sexy, soapy, seriocomic flicks on two DVDs: 1974’s Candy Stripe Nurses, 1972’s Night Call Nurses, 1971’s Private Duty Nurses and 1973’s The Young Nurses. As you may have noticed, they’re not presented in

Camel Spiders

The giant spider invasion begins after U.S. military forces fight a Middle Eastern enemy in an unspecified desert, and not everyone survives the gunfire or, in case of the enemy, the spiders who pull their bodies into caves for feasting. One spider clandestinely crawls into the coffin of a dead American soldier, and upon return

Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

A self-taught filmmaker, Corman is famous for three things. The first is for making movies fast and cheap, but not always good. (At the typing of this sentence, his producer credits number 400 titles deep.) The second is for doing so while never losing a dime, which isn’t exactly true, but makes for great hype.


It’s not like first-time director Fred M. Andrews doesn’t know what he’s doing — he opens Creature with a page straight from the Roger Corman playbook: bare breasts. I’m not sure why this particular full-frontal female chooses to swim in a swamp, but it means her death by alligator attack. Nearly every turn of the

Lethal Ladies 2 Collection

Nope, that nugget of wisdom isn’t from Starz’s hit “Spartacus,” but from producer Roger Corman’s 1974 hit “The Arena,” one of three female-centric actioners that comprises Shout! Factory’s double-D, double-disc “Lethal Ladies 2 Collection.” Naturally, it’s the latest entry in the as-addictive-as-crack “Roger Corman’s Cult Classics” line. Unimaginatively remade with Playboy Playmates Karen McDougal and

‘Musi-kill’ production

Oklahoma City University’s Opera and Music Theater Company continues its 60th-anniversary season with three Halloween-weekend performances of the comedy cult classic “Little Shop of Horrors.” The story follows the rise to fame of Seymour Krelborn, a lowly flowershop employee on New York’s skid row, after he discovers a mysterious talking plant with a thirst for

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