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Aurora Lora speaks during a public meeting at Andrew Johnson Elementary, Thursday, March 23, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

OKC Public Schools consolidation plan would drastically affect students, communities

OKC Public Schools consolidation plan would drastically affect students, communities

“We are looking at more systemic changes because we’ve run out of easy things to cut,” Lora said last week. “Now, we have to look at changes in grade configurations and school closures for small schools.”

Up and away

The announcement came in a March 4 media release from Will Rogers World Airport. Airport officials, however, said it won’t be too many more years before the airport cannot add new flights or handle larger aircraft or even international flights with the airport’s current configuration and capacity. But airport officials have a plan. Mark Kranenburg

Moving music

It may not be a story as old as time, but the trope of Okies wandering to California in search of opportunity goes back at least to the Dust Bowl. And while the paucity of prospects may not have the same harrowing look it did in the 1920s, people still move from windy plains to

Hearty party

Some have outgrown wanting their alcohol to taste like a candy basket and falling into diabetic coma. For people with more adult tastes, Oklahoma Gazette recommends a few savory cocktails while visiting the warm hearts (and hearths) of these locally prepped adult beverages. First, we recommend a liquor store for real beer. Or, heck, visit

Angels unaware

According to its own numbers, the center works with approximately 1,200 central Oklahomans. Executive Director Connie McGoodwin said DRTC’s economic impact is profound, generating $5.5 million in wages for the state’s disabled community. In 1953, the center was founded as a school by parents inspired by Angel Unaware, a book by Dale Evans Rogers, the

Tiger beat

Photo: Nathan Poppe It doesn’t take long following in someone else’s footsteps to want to step out on your own again. Oklahoma’s Beau Jennings literally has been retracing the footsteps of famed Okie humorist Will Rogers over the past few years for his passion project, the film The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers, all

Hope Springs

Not without extreme difficulty, she somehow persuades Arnold to visit a marriage counselor (a misused Steve Carell, Crazy, Stupid, Love.) in another town for a week of intensive therapy — good for their relationship, bad for the viewer, for whom it feels like sitting in sessions in real time. At nights, in their room at

Theater of blood

For those curious about the start of Reduxion Theatre’s fifth-anniversary season, know this: There will be blood. While Shakespeare serves as Reduxion’s bread and butter year in and year out, founders Tyler and Erin Woods — who serve as artistic director and managing director, respectively — wanted to expand beyond their upcoming slate of Richard

Ray band

Keyboardist Ray Manzarek met his bandmates in The Doors at a Transcendental Meditation lecture, so pioneering 21st-century blues isn’t much of a stretch. Collaborating with slide guitarist Roy Rogers (John Lee Hooker) on the new “Translucent Blues” album, Manzarek serves as co-conductor of a rhythm section that includes bassist Steve Evans (Elvin Bishop) and drummer

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