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Russell Westbrook of the Thunder hosts Why Not? Bowl

It runs 6-9 p.m. at AMF Boulevard Lanes, 3501 South Blvd., Edmond, and promises open bowling, contests, music and more. Proceeds benefit the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation, founded in 2012 and dedicated to supporting community based education and family service programs. The 2014 Why Not? Bowl is presented by Edmond Hyundai and sponsored by

Back to the future

Fallin offends everyone,straight and gayOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin put the state in the national spotlight in 2013, but not in a positive way. Fallin, in her infinite wisdom, decided unilaterally that a federal mandate directing spousal benefits to same-sex couples in the military would not take place in Oklahoma. As a result, Fallin pulled spousal

The pros of cons

American Hustle proves there’s still a lot of criminal fun to be had from the time of polyester and disco. BY PHIL BACHARACH Starting a major motion picture with a bald guy working on a comb-over isn’t the most obvious of choices. But American Hustle begins with Christian Bale, paunchy and fleshy and in decidedly

American Hustle

Masking baldness is a small ruse, to be sure, but it’s par for the course in David O. Russell’s (Three Kings, Silver Linings Playbook) loping, loopy and very funny caper set in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The story is loosely based on Abscam, a 1980 FBI sting operation that netted bribery convictions of

Stay positive

Though the three-time All-NBA second team point guard’s injury has cast uncertainty on the start of the fifth Oklahoma City Thunder season, Westbrook was unfettered while addressing those concerns. “My state of mind? Positive, always positive for me,” Westbrook said during Thunder media day on Sept. 27. “I think through the process of rehab, you

Fashion, turn to the left!

His thick-framed glasses caught glasses caught our attention initially. In fact, it was such a craze that people went straight out and bought prescription-less frames just to be part of the fad. Now, just like any fashion savant who has topped the judge-y mountain that is high fashion, clout comes to the true sartorialist who

The hot place to be

Credit: Mark Hancock Turning tragedy into triumph, Midtown’s meteoric rise from the ashes occurred, in part, because of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building, which killed 168 people and wounded hundreds more. The blast damaged more than 300 buildings over a 16-block radius at a cost of $652 million. “So many

Urban education

“If we’re going to operate as a fully functional 24-hour downtown, we need more than an elementary school. We need a middle school and a high school,” said Russell Claus, city planning director, about John W. Rex Elementary School, under construction at Sheridan and Walker avenues. The $14 million charter school is the result of

Tower Block

The title refers to an apartment complex built post-WWII, a title card informs us. Once attractive and affordable, the place deteriorated over the decades into England’s equivalent of Chicago’s infamous Cabrini-Green, to the point of demolition. As the thriller opens, only the top floor of Serenity House, aka Tower Block 31, awaits removal and rehousing.

Dark Skies

The first sci-fi-heavy effort from Blumhouse Productions, that mighty machine of menace that brought you the Paranormal Activity pictures, the film focuses on the Barrett family. Lacy (Keri Russell, TV’s The Americans) is a Realtor; Daniel (Josh Hamilton, J. Edgar) is an architect, but currently unemployed in the midst of the Great Recession. Because of

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