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Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor Melissa McLawhorn Houston poses for a photo in her office, Wednesday, June 15, 2016.  (Garett FIsbeck)

UPDATE New overtime law affects Oklahoma workers and businesses

The Fair Labor Standards Act raises the minimum salary under exemption and is expected to cause major workplace changes.

Correction needed for correctional officers

If you answered yes to all of these application questions, you may qualify to become a correctional officer for the state of Oklahoma. For your valuable service, the state will pay you $11.83 an hour to start, less than most of your local convenience store clerks and less than any other state corrections officer in

Term of art

Robbie Kienzle, the Planning Department’s former head of urban development, started in the new role last month. The post oversees public-art spending, which is required by a 2009 City Council-approved plan that sets aside 1 percent of construction expenses for public art. In addition, she will oversee the city Arts Commission, coordinate activities with local

Don’t get lowballed

“As people who have been looking for work a long time start to get back into the workforce, many of them are so happy just to get a job that they sometimes accept a lower salary than they have to,” said Bill Humbert. “Some employers feel that they can probably get away with a lowball

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