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Cover Story: Chicken-Fried News predictions for 2018

Cover Story: Chicken-Fried News predictions for 2018

CFN looks back on 2017 and makes predictions about what Okies will get up to in 2018.


Cover Story: The Thunder’s lightning-quick resurgence has Oklahoma City back on the NBA map

The Thunder begins its season Oct. 19 at home against the New York Knicks — Carmelo Anthony’s former team.

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Creative Oklahoma focuses on fostering Oklahoma’s creative community

Creative Oklahoma fosters innovative thinking and honors Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors at its annual gala.


Cover Story: Chicken-Fried News year in review and predictions for 2017

CFN looks back on 2016 and makes predictions about what Okies will get up to in 2017.

They like us! They really like us!

Credit: Brad Gregg Chicken-Fried News isn’t certain we agree, since we’re mighty fond of a 1984 Psychology Today story on the duality of the human psyche as reflected by Butch and Ben McCain, but the Times piece was unequivocally a lovely paean to our hometown. In “A Basketball Fairy Tale in Middle America,” writer Sam

Thunder on

James Harden Credit: Shannon Cornman While several national media outlets recently have ranked the Oklahoma City Thunder as among North America’s top professional sports franchises, the team has other things on its collective mind these days: namely, the start of a new season and the challenge of winning an NBA championship. Losing to the Miami

Thunder city

Credit: Shannon Cornman It existed in the shadow of the boom-and-bust economy of Tulsa’s oil-rich gentility, whose development outpaced its sister down the turnpike for much of the last half-century. It existed in the shadow of equidistant college rivals whose fan bases divided the city’s allegiance. Most of all, it existed in the shadow of

Forecast: Thunder

Last season, Oklahoma City Thunder General Manager Sam Presti sent a clear message when he pulled the trigger on a trade that essentially exchanged Jeff Green, the under-performing forward he said he loved like a son, for the Boston Celtics’ defensive juggernaut Kendrick Perkins. That message? “We’re going for it.” The move suddenly shifted the

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