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What OETA means

His letter was in response to the “Death to Elmo?” article (News, Clifton Adcock, Nov. 16, Gazette). Every day OETA receives dozens of telephone calls, letters and emails about our programming, signal distribution, funding and other topics of interest to viewers. Anyone who asks a question, we certainly try to answer and think we have

For the public good

Perhaps it’s real anatomy and sexual relations. Maybe it’s real history. Maybe he prefers that his and most other children should be exposed to his religious beliefs 24/7 instead of just all the rest of the time available for his religious teachings except during school. Obviously, he does not care that most people do prefer

Urban instruction

As part of the MAPS for Kids program approved by voters in 2001, plans were laid for the Oklahoma City Public Schools to receive 70 new and renovated brickand-mortar school buildings in the district at a cost of $470 million. As the project nears its end, MAPS for Kids Program Manager Eric Wenger said the

Counterpoint: GOP undermines funding

In an ideal world, tuition-free, public college education, well-funded by the government, would be the best way to create a more educated, informed citizenry. College-educated people lead healthier lives and make this country and state more prosperous through innovation and creativity. Investing in higher education is paramount for any state that wants to thrive by

Why do liberals love Islam, hate Christianity?

I have several comments regarding Kurt Hochenauer’s Feb. 9 Gazette Commentary “Counterpoint: Separation anxiety.” Hochenauer worries that discussing religious ideas could “dumb down” our students. As dumbed-down as our public schools already are, it’s hard to believe that discussing anything could dumb them down any further. Two million American children are currently home-schooled. Most Americans

Counterpoint: Separation anxiety

Religious proselytizing in the state’s public schools will be virtually sanctioned under bills introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature for this upcoming session, a clear violation of basic church and state separation. The bills would also appear to directly violate Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution, which states: “No public money or property shall

‘Radical’ retooling

And if all aspects of the plan are implemented, it could have a dramatic impact on schools across the state as well. The Jan. 11 meeting between the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education and the Oklahoma City Council allowed city leaders to ask questions and make comments about the school district’s upcoming strategic

Year-round learning

The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously Dec. 13 to change the district’s traditional calendar to a “continuous learning calendar,” which features a shorter summer break while increasing the time of fall, winter and spring breaks. The new schedule has the same number of days as the old one, and allows students

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