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Switched on

Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales Made not for the cathode rays but for the World Wide Web — FEARnet, to be exact — Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales gives the director of such ’80s horror classics as Child’s Play and Fright Night his own anthology series and, thus, a chance to play Cryptkeeper … or Rod Serling,

It’s about gun rights for everyone

No word yet on whether laser-gun noises are similarly protected. Apparently, Kern wants to bring some “common sense” to the school administrations in Oklahoma. You see, little Timmy (not his real name) got in lots of trouble for eating a Pop-Tart so what was left of it resembled a gun and then waving it at


For its second original musical theater production, Herbert W. Armstrong College presents David — The Endless Throne Begins, the captivating story of King David written by Ryan Malone. The production combines contemporary choreography with elaborate costumes and sets to bring one of the history’s largest biographies to life. See David 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Saturday

In reform, real focus on needs on students

Oklahoma’s education debate spends a lot of time on a few familiar subjects: education funding vs. tax cuts, vouchers and charters vs. traditional public schools and high-stakes testing vs. letting teachers teach. What’s too often missing from these debates is any consideration of the needs of real students. We’ve lost sight of the reasons kids

High Society

Greg Simkins When Jerrod Smith opened The Society’s doors two years ago, the Plaza District venue was meant to be a community-driven art space that would also function as a studio for himself and a couple of other artists. But, to be honest, he wasn’t sure it would last one year, let alone two. “I

Femme Fatales: The Complete Second Season

This second batch of episodes, 12 in all on two DVDs, seems more confident than Femme‘s freshman outing, even if story quality remains wildly varied. Tanit Phoenix (Safe House) hosts the proceedings, with scenarios that include: • a comic-book heroine, • time-traveling clones, • noir-drenched detectives • and so much moaning. For every leaden dud

Puck it

Puck it top For the second straight season, the Oklahoma City Barons have advanced to the Western Conference Finals! Hockey fans, that means your support is needed to cheer them onto victory! Games 3 through 5 will be hosted by the Barons at 7 p.m. tonight, Friday and, if necessary, Saturday at Cox Convention Center,

Enlightened: The Complete First Season

This is not to denigrate her Oscar-nominated turn as 1991’s Rambling Rose or her work as muse to David Lynch, most notably in Blue Velvet or Wild at Heart — all solid and accomplished. It’s just that her role here as Amy Jellicoe is the most complex and multilayered character she’s been given. Amy represents

The Collection

Those who haven’t seen the original film are urged to do so before diving into this sequel. It begins where its predecessor ended, and try as the opening credits might, they fail to adequately acclimate any newcomers, who may be lost. Not that the new film is deep or complex. It does, however, work best

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