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Sandino Thompson, community member on OKCPS Northeast Task Force, poses for a photo at F.D. Moon, Friday, Feb. 17, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Local task force focuses on improving students’ lives

Local task force focuses on improving students’ lives

OKCPS’ Northeast Task Force works to develop recommendations for change in northeast Oklahoma City schools.

Should a former sundown town apologize?

The Thirteenth Amendment made slavery illegal, and the Civil Rights Act ended legal segregation. But these laws did not come with acknowledgments that the country erred in allowing those practices and hurting its own people. The city of Edmond prohibited African-Americans by ordinance from the city limits for generations. Royce Adamson’s 1940 postcard for his

Remembering segregation

In those days, I was a teenager working as a waitress in the bus station in Checotah. When African Americans got off a bus and came up front to the restaurant section of the bus station for food, I had to tell them, “No.” They had to eat at a counter in back, behind the

End academic segregation

Sadly, Oklahoma continues to practice a less obvious, but equally pernicious, form of segregation — one based on school size and inadequate academic offerings. Worst of all, recent legislation to address this injustice has been sidetracked by objections from the usual suspects who seem to resist every worthy school reform: the school administrators themselves. They

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